Please Don’t Plant The Daisies… Or We’ll Sue

Posted on March 20, 2012 by Jason McLure,, March 20, 2012

Growing even faster than the daisies and daffodils Kimberly Bois planted outside her condo unit in memory of her mother are the fines imposed by her condominium association, which is suing to force her to rip the flowers out.

The first day of spring on Tuesday was marked by another $50 daily fine imposed on Bois by the management at Atlantic Pointe condominiums in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, for allegedly violating a policy aimed at maintaining the homes’ uniform look.

So far, the association is demanding $5,500 in fines, more than $8,000 in attorney fees and has placed a lien on the $300,000 unit owned by Bois, who planted the flowerbed in 2009.

“They said I was a violator and that violators will be dealt with,” generic amoxil online Bois told Reuters.

“Why my flowers are getting picked on, I don’t know,” said Bois, who transplanted heirloom flowers from her deceased mother’s garden to a 8-foot by 5-foot bed in front of her condo.

She said she got permission from the developer soon after she bought the newly built unit in 2008. When landscaping responsibility passed to a condominium association established in October 2010, they took a different line on the flowers.

The condo association has argued that landscaping is to be performed only by a company hired by the board to ensure a standard look. Sanford Roberts, a lawyer for the condo association, and Jeff Davis, the president of the Atlantic Pointe board, did not return messages seeking comment.

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