7 Things Vacation Property Owners Should Do Right Now To Keep Guests Happy

Posted on April 15, 2016 by Alison Foote

When travelers book a hotel room, whether for a business trip or a vacation, they have certain expectations. Crisp white linens, flat-screen TVs, modern bath fixtures, comfortable mattresses, for example.

Today’s travelers expect that same hotel quality of amenities and furnishings to extend to vacation rental properties. After all, when guests check in to a vacation rental property, they expect the accommodations to be as nice or even nicer than those in their own home.

Household appliances or other furnishings that are dated, worn or not in top working order could negatively impact a guest’s stay and keep them from rebooking the rental in the future.

Based on Meyer Vacation Rentals’ guest feedback, here are seven of the most commonly recurring recommendations for vacation rental improvements.

  1. Replace worn or professionally clean soiled living room furniture. The typical replacement or reupholstering schedule for sofas, love seats and chairs is between three and five years.


  1. Replace or paint rusted appliances. Refrigerators should be replaced every seven years, or sooner if rusted. In some cases, appliances can be painted, but, depending on the age of the appliance, it could make more financial sense to replace them.


  1. Replace tube TVs with their less bulky and more modern-looking flat-screen cousins. Also, for obvious reasons, remove any VHS players and VHS tapes from your property. SMART TVs are also a great addition.


  1. Touch up paint on walls, doors, baseboards and trim. A full-scaled paint job should be performed every two to three years, while a touch-up should be done twice a year.


  1. Professionally clean carpeting and tile. However, keep in mind that carpeting should be replaced every three to five years and should be soil and fade resistant.


  1. Upgrade rusty or broken patio furniture. Longevity is based on quality and type of furniture.


  1. Replace buy online topamax sagging or squeaky mattresses. Mattresses that are worn and uncomfortable are a big complaint with guests. Maybe it’s not something guests see right away, but spending their vacation on a worn out mattresses will prevent guests from rebooking a property. In general, mattresses should be replaced every three to five years.


To assist vacation property owners in scheduling and budgeting replacements, below is an industry standard replacement schedule. The schedule will vary based on the quality of furnishings and rental frequency:



2-3 years

Bi-annual touch-up


Vinyl Flooring

5-7 years, maximum



3-5 years, maximum

Padding should be 6 lb. density

Soil and fade resistant

Berber not recommended

Some warranties void for commercial use



Replace as needed

Recommend better grade header rail mechanisms for durability

Do not recommend vertical blinds



5-7 years

Lined backing recommended

Grommet drapes are more renter friendly than pin-style drapes (wands get lost and broken)

Clean as needed



AC Unit: 8 years

Dishwasher: 7 years

Garbage disposal: 7 years

Microwave: 7 years

Electric Range: 9 years

Refrigerator: 9 years or based on rust

Washer: 7 years

Dryer: 7 years

Water Heater: 8 years


Small Appliances

Replace as needed

Blenders will need replacement more often than other small appliances. Meyer Vacation Rental’s 24/7 Service Protection Plan covers these small appliances replacement annually for their owners.



2-4 years

Stainless steel required

Higher quality will extend life


Kitchen Inventory

Replace annually as needed


Dining Chairs

Replace upholstery as needed but clean regularly


Sofas/Love Seats

3-5 years



3-5 years

Replace upholstery as needed


Sleeper Sofas

2-5 years

Commercial frame and mechanism recommended for durability

5-inch inner spring mattress recommended for comfort and longevity



1-2 years


Patio Furniture

Longevity based on quality and type


Alison Foote is director of owner services for Meyer Vacation Rentals, based in Gulf Shores, Ala., and offering beach vacation condos and houses for rent in Gulf Shores, Fort Morgan and Orange Beach, Ala., and Perdido Key, Fla. More info: www.MeyerRE.com, 866-201-0110 or [email protected].



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