5 Responses to Hiring (and Firing) A Property Management Company
  1. ann pecora


    I hate the management company all they do is spend money needlessly and keep raising the common charges Westchester property management group, inc

  2. Hawley Jones


    We are a 14 unit condo association and have just received a 30% increase in fees from our management company.

  3. Vincent Tan


    Are Condominium Managers All Time Winners?…

  4. Peggy


    all was very informative; don’t trust our Management company there never there when you call, never return calls.

  5. Ridley Fitzgerald


    These are some good tips for hiring a property manager. We’re thinking of renting out our second home, so this is great for us. I agree that running a condo, or any other rental place, requires knowledge, which is what we don’t have! http://www.thenoblecompany.com/hoa.html

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