6 Responses to Unpaid Dues: In A Forclosure, Who Pays?
  1. Mandy


    In a foreclosure situation, can the Association go after the purchaser of the unit at foreclosure for dues owed prior to the super lien period or just the former owner?



    HELP!!! My condo is 12% in arrears with fees and a lot of the owners have rented out their units. I tried to sell, refinance or get a home equity loan and was told because of these issues I am trapped. Is there anything that I can do. The manager says she has payment plans issued to collect but that has been going on for the past 2 years. A broker just told me there are foreclosures now. There has to be something we can do (those of us that want out of here) This is not fair for those that are paying on time and want out. Thanks for your help.

  3. Paul Davidson


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  4. Mark Tannous


    I’m in a similar situation right now.. I was buying a condo cash and everything was going perfect I actually did an email closing. Then a few hours later my attorney informed me there was a discrepancy between the seller and bank on past assessment amount actually due. I paid 6 months but they were asking for additional 6 grand that the bank did not want to put out of their pocket.. Is this a dead deal or may it have some life to it ?

  5. Free Games Download


    Do I have to pay the HOA fees, after foreclosure and after bank has placed property for sale? Who owns condo?

  6. Brian An


    I am part of a two owner condo association (a twin structure), the owner of the other unit is in foreclosure. In the past we have both shared the homeowners and flood insurance – my question is, who is responsible for paying those future premiusms ? the insurance policies are not included in the mortgages – we pay them separalypremiums

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